Roughing it

Roughing It was my BFA thesis film that I worked on my last two years at NYFA . It was originally going to be a short film about a grandfather and grandson going camping together. However, the story I stumbled onto and eventually told wasn’t just about camping but a story about estranged family members, failed father’s and the ramifications of poor parental choices.


A Part of Me

Out of all the films I made in school this was the one that probably has the most of myself in it. To give some context I was a child of divorce and never really got to know my mother’s parents. Partly because her mother had passed away years before I was born and partly because her relationship was strained with her own father. So you can see where I started to pull away from a light hearted camping trip to a more serious and focused plot between a grandfather and grandson.


The Core of the film

The core of this film are three relationships, the one between Paul and Greg, Greg and his Daughter (Paul’s mother), and Paul and his Father. But, ultimately it comes down to the relationship between Paul, who is desperately looking for a father figure, and Greg, who is racked with guilt after his daughter’s death because of his estranged relationship with her.

An unforgettable Achievement

Being able to bring this film from conception to a finished product was one of the hardest achievements of my early twenties and I believe one of the things I will be most proud of as I continue my career as a filmmaker. If you take the time to watch it, I hope you enjoy it.

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